World Bank in Azerbaijan: 25 Years of Partnership

Over the past 25 years, the World Bank has helped Azerbaijan to implement critical structural reforms to help stabilize the economy after a long-lasting contraction. Land privatization has made thousands of villagers land owners. The Bank’s advice has helped in bringing about institutional reforms, in developing a public investment program, in negotiating a production sharing agreement with foreign oil companies, and in establishing the Oil Fund which now accumulates part of its revenues from oil and gas exports. Pension reforms and a targeted social assistance program, which the World Bank helped to design and implement, were instrumental in the remarkable levels of poverty reduction in Azerbaijan.   Investments have been used to rehabilitate, rebuild and develop critical infrastructure such as water and sanitation networks, highways and rural roads, schools and hospitals, irrigation and drainage canals. And it has not only been about financing. World Bank projects have helped introduce best international practices and to grow local businesses and human capital.   Today, the World Bank program in Azerbaijan supports the country’s economic diversification agenda, as well as the delivery of quality, accessible and effective public services – to benefit all Azeri citizens.         Download the Brochure (PDF)     English | Azerbaijani 

from World Bank Search – NEWS


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