Theme 2: Providing Modern and Integrated Financial Services

Malaysia has become a model country for developing countries around the world in the area of financial sector development. Building on the new partnership between Malaysia and the World Bank, the Malaysia Hub seeks to share Malaysia’s development experience in building resilient financial systems, by assisting countries in Asia and around the world to reform their financial systems. The work on this theme is led by the Finance and Markets (F&M) Global Practice. A substantial part of our work in this theme focuses on knowledge transfer and capacity-building for Malaysia and the region. We collaborate with central banks and other supervisory agencies in the financial sector from various Southeast Asian countries to build their technical capacity and strengthen their ability to participate in the financial integration process regionally. This includes helping countries revise and prepare amendments to their laws and regulations, strengthen their deposit insurance systems, and formulate new strategies to advance financial inclusion. The objectives in this theme are:Leverage Malaysia’s experience to support countries as they seek to strengthen regulatory and supervisory capacityScale up innovative financial instruments to serve the poor and SMEsModernize national payment systems and financial infrastructureDeepen domestic capital marketsEnhance corporate governance and transparencyAdopt major international standards in the financial sector Malaysia’s experience in financial systems encompasses key aspects of:ASEAN Financial Integration and Capacity BuildingFinancial InclusionFinancial StabilityIslamic Finance

from World Bank Search – NEWS


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