Transforming Water-Scarce Cities into Water-Secure Cities through Collaboration

Cities house a growing number of the world’s population, and current estimates show that the future of humanity looks ever more urban. The demand for water grows by the day: a 50 percent increase in urban water demands is anticipated within the next 30 years.   Hence, the need for securing an inclusive and sustainable water supply for cities is fairly obvious. Historically, a reliable source of safe water is intricately linked with inclusive economic growth, public health, and political stability. Given the key role played by water, it is imperative to ensure that water availability keeps up with the escalating water demands of expanding urban populations.   However, urban water scarcity remains a common reality. Many cities, regions, and countries around the world are faced with a trifecta of pressures: rapid urban population growth, economic expansion, and competing demands. These forces of change are tightening the availability of water resources in areas where tackling water scarcity is already a critical challenge. In addition, other factors such as pollution, suboptimal water management practices, and climate change are also negatively impacting the health of urban water systems. The task of securing and orchestrating a water supply for urban areas in water scarce regions is clearly no easy feat. But on the bright side, water scarce cities are not facing these challenges alone. Regions as diverse as the Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia, and parts of Latin America and North America are exploring new approaches for a water-smart future. Water Scarce Cities The World Bank’s Water Scarce Cities (WSC) Initiative is an innovative undertaking that offers a holistic perspective to urban water security in scarcity conditions. With a host of experiences and extensive global reach, WSC is working towards shifting mindsets across the world, demystifying urban water management, and engaging with water scarce cities to develop concrete solutions. 

from World Bank Search – NEWS


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