Taking a Leap Towards a Digital Future in Pakistan

Passionate entrepreneurs and technologists from Pakistan and across the globe converged in one place to share expertise, exchange knowledge, and to discover and support the next big idea among emerging entrepreneurs and students. Where did it happen? The energy and spirit exuded Silicon Valley, but it was located in none other than Peshawar, Pakistan, in a region that is affected by instability and violence.Over the course of three and a half days, the Digital Youth Summit (DYS) had 4,000 attendees as young as age 10 attend discussions by industry leaders highlighting experiences and opportunities, technology demonstrations, and benefiting from hands-on training. The Summit also featured innovative local ventures pitching their growing companies to investors ranging from security systems with facial recognition, to a smart motorcycle helmet that detects shocks and automatically notifies authorities and loved ones. Three companies were funded under the Summit’s Startup Cup competition including the winner, Find my Adventure, whose tagline is “Pakistan is waiting for you” and is Pakistan’s first one-stop travel solution with trips, tours and activities across Pakistan integrated onto one website.

from World Bank Search – NEWS http://ift.tt/2qo4chR


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